Wonder II Solutions – Environmentally friendly Living – 7 Frugal Techniques


Wonder II Products Environmentally friendly Residing 7 Frugal Methods

Tedco is acknowledged to provide seven products and solutions, all variants of the Miracle II Soap, Neutralizer in gel or powder kind, by the net or unique distribution channels.

These products were spiritually uncovered and formulated by Clayton Tedeton 30 decades back, creating an organic and natural combination that has never before been blended.

The label reads, “Nature’s wonder for the experience, pores and skin and hair. A elaborate combination of natural minerals and natural elements. Also recognized as a certainly spiritually formulated products and solutions”.

Clayton started acquiring studies that his cleaning soap did wonders for the skin, with a number of promises that it cleared up pores and skin ailments, even cancers. He also started receiving numerous reviews of the overall health rewards knowledgeable by those people ingesting the neutralizer liquid, (the proposed dose for serious circumstances typically an ounce or two every day).The neutralizer he divided from the primary cleaning soap.

Tedco products and solutions are advisable for personalized overall health treatment use in addition to use as your primary house cleaner, as these solutions consist of an all pure mixture of antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal attributes, whilst containing no perilous chemicals.

Miracle II Soap cleanses your pores and skin, hair, and your property — including the laundry, they are in a natural way pH balanced and incorporate NO animal extra fat, detergents or additives that can clog pores.

Cleaning soap

The Wonder II normal soap is a organic degreaser and declogger. It does not consist of the moisturizers, only individuals with oily skin desire it for their pores and skin care.

Moisturizers were being included in the primary cleaning soap for all those with dry skin. The Moisturizer lotion and soap is made up of fantastic oils and emollients, these kinds of as olive, coconut, avocado, almond and vitamin e.


Bathe a minimum amount of 50 percent an hour 3 instances a week for the very first two weeks for optimum benefit and have at minimum 1 tub a 7 days after. Your pores will open up like never ahead of you may well see black scummy particles in your tub, if you have an overload of harmful toxins designed up within your body.

Neutralizer Gel

Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer are excellent for ALL kinds of burns,sunburns,stings,rashes as very well as an anti ageing skin treatment therapy.

It is colorless and tasteless gel. The Neutralizer liquid,is also a colorless and tasteless liquid that can be taken orally with drinking water or your preferred beverage.


Spray or rub Miracle 2 Neutralizer or Gel on hurting or affected location and then apply Wonder 2 Moisturizer.

Plant Treatment

Spray plants with both equally Miracle II soap and neutralizer, it will get rid of the bugs as very well as make your plants strong and lovely.

If you see insects, spray extra.


Spray on potent odors this kind of as toes, skin, fish, seafood, onion, garlic, canine/cat, fridges, loos, looking clothing, keeping tanks on boats,campers, carpets and leave it.


Miracle II concentrated soap performs fantastic for each cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing task inside and outdoors the property.

Miracle II Soap has been utilised for just about every single residential, commercial or industrial software, from glass cleaners to ridding new carpets of their odor, with excellent results in each application.


Tedco also designed a rubber ball impregnated the soap and neutralizer which leaves garments and linens thoroughly clean, fresh new, energized, totally free of chemical residual.


I have employed all seven merchandise for 10 many years.The cleaning soap has genuinely diminished my age spots, and has softened my skin. I also use the typical cleaning soap for an all function cleaner.

Ahead of I observed the neutralizer gel I was in and out the emergency room two or a few occasions a 12 months for bee stings.

Past fall I obtained stung twice in a subject of two weeks, I ran to the residence set my gel on the sting, drank a swig of the neutralizer liquid and right after a couple minutes the swelling and stinging ended up absent. I have expert the exact results numerous lots of moments considering the fact that I started applying Miracle II.

I have also made use of it for food stuff poisoning, indigestion and as a dietary supplement, as it offers the perfect ratio of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

I use the cleaning soap to cleanse my deal with in advance of I use the notorious “galvanic spa”, then apply gel for pre treatment method on fountain l and lotion for treatment method on fountain 2. The merchandise do the job really very well with the spa. Several others have obtained the products to use with their galvanic skin care units, and discovered they enjoy the merchandise.

These seven goods have saved me hundreds of pounds in excess of the previous 10 a long time, I acquire no other cleaning,or bathing materials. I clean my dresses with the laundry ball and miracle II cleaning soap,introducing some hydrogen peroxide to the alternative as very well. The two work really effectively for cleansing and washing clothes.

I just about forgot, the 7th product or service that is the Thai Stik. Clayton did not produce this one, he just added it to his assortment for the reason that it is a deodorant stone, which contains no aluminum. I have experienced my stone for decades.

If you use these 7 merchandise you will get rid of thousands of chemical compounds in you house, be much healthier, and preserve lots of dollars as perfectly. Give environmentally friendly a probability and you will be happy.