Stop Sweaty Palms – How to Choose the Right Treatment For Excessive Hand Sweating

If you are a fellow sufferer of excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis, I would like to share with you that there are really affordable and risk free methods in the market used to stop sweaty palms. If absolutely necessary, you can opt for surgery but bear in mind that this is a procedure which is irreversible in nature and invasive to a certain extent. You will be getting rid of your hand sweating problem with surgery for sure, but you will also be plagued with compensatory sweating which is no reversible in nature. So you really need to think twice before you make that life changing decision for the right sweaty hands treatment.

I used to be an ex sufferer of sweaty hands and I have been researching for the right cure since I had the condition since my early teens. Amongst the many treatments which I have tried, I did risk having compensatory sweating undergoing ETS surgery. Unfortunately for me, the surgeon did not completely remove the related sweat glands yet I developed compensatory sweating on my torso, face and feet. As per my experience, I suggest to all my fellow sweaty hands sufferers, never start your treatment with surgery as they are often invasive and non reversible in nature. Most surgery will entail side effects, some short term and yet others, long term.

That said, following my own suggestion to you, I finally managed to stop sweaty palms with an age old treatment which is becoming increasingly popular. Iontophoresis made its debut about 50 years ago, is proven and tested by millions of patients as an effective excessive hand sweating treatment. And the beauty of it all is that there is no side effect from the treatment. Simply soak two palms separately in two trays and connect the device. Keep each session within 20 minutes and repeat daily for one week. Thereafter, you will get dryer palms. Maintain the level of dryness with one session every three weeks.

If there ever is an issue about cost and affordability for the expensive Iontophoresis, you can always make your own, just like me. For about twenty dollars, you would be able to get all the materials at the local hardware store with the basic functionality unaffected.

I am indeed thankful that I managed to stop sweaty palms for good with Iontophoresis. This cure has enabled me to relive my life in a totally new light, socialising and interacting more freely and happily. You too can do this, if you start looking for the right palmar hyperhidrosis treatment for your excessive hand sweating problem.