Alcoholic beverages, Getting old, and Curing Cancer

Latest media protection has been devoted to the means of alcohol to extend human existence span. A alternatively insolent statement looking at the historical barrage of disparaging conclusions relating to alcoholic beverages and its secondary ill overall health consequences. However, if we isolate this a person discovering with no examining the broader context of alcohol’s adverse health and fitness outcomes, in the very long run, we most likely do extra harm than superior.

Working with Albert Einstein’s well known equation,


I have formulated the Time Longevity equation. By replacing the velocity of light coefficient with its equivalent velocity variables (length/time), I have created the Time or Longevity equation. Time equals the sq. root of distance squared occasions mass occasions the inverse of power. I have proclaimed this system, The Rainer Time Longevity Equation.

Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation

T=&#8730D2x M x 1/E

Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation states that an organism’s lifetime span is interdependent on three variables. These a few variables are Distance (D), Mass (M), and Strength (E). Animals of many species, like guy, may change these a few variables in order to lengthen daily life. Considering that time is relative to motion by room, animals might sluggish the growing old method by forward movement by way of house. The better the distance lined, the greater the beneficial effects on longevity. Animals that have the potential to fly have an elevated (D) variable compared to their non traveling counterparts. Similarly, animals that generally fly or swim significant distances will have a likewise increased existence span. In brief, caging migratory animals equates to a death sentence. The Galapagos Tortoise for instance, has capitalized on all three variables of Distance (D), Mass (M), and Energy (E) in get to increase its common lifetime span of 150 decades. The tortoise shuttles as a result of the ocean’s currents (Amplified D) It possesses a huge inert shell that calls for no metabolic upkeep (Improved M) Tortoises possess exceedingly sluggish motion with a equally reduced metabolic level (Diminished E).

Gentleman has obtained better longevity as a result of modernization which involves among other things, more rapid travel modalities (Improved D). Air vacation has aided drive man’s life span to bigger limitations. Space journey reveals even increased promise in extending man’s lifetime span. Increased Mass allows more substantial mammals to increase their lifetime span by expanding the (M) variable. Male may perhaps also change time by manipulating the Mass (M) variable. Historical Egyptians brilliantly utilized this point by investing time residing in pyramids. Bear in thoughts, that a pyramid by virtue of its construction, is almost entirely mass. Modern day French researchers were astounded when they put a dead cat and uncooked refreshing meat in the inside of the Terrific pyramid, only to come across both equally merchandise exquisitely preserved times later on. Similarly, Dinosaurs improved their daily life span by virtue of their tremendous mass.

And finally, this provides us to Strength (E), the ultimate variable of the Rainer Time Longevity Equation. Given that time or longevity has an inverse partnership to strength (E), all matters that lower Power will invariably raise time. Nevertheless, I would like to stage out that products that lessen the (E) variable and consequently maximize longevity, may not essentially increase the top quality of daily life. Items that decrease the Strength (E) component and induce a lessen in Basal Metabolic Fee and secondarily raise longevity, consist of the subsequent: like, relationship, hibernation, snooze, coma, stupor, caloric reduction, prayer, meditation, medicinal substances that suppress the central anxious method.

This delivers us to the dialogue of liquor. Alcohol is a central anxious process depressant. Additionally, it decreases brain endorphin production. Alcohol could boost longevity by decreasing the Vitality (E) variable so minimizing Basal Metabolic Charge. Nonetheless, we need to not overlook the apparent ill outcomes that alcohol has on our general wellness. Alcohol causes brain atrophy, liver cirrhosis, and encourages the development of numerous forms of cancer. Alcohol in a broader context has detrimental consequences on the entire body. Also, by lowering endogenous brain endorphin amounts, alcohol robs our subconscious mind of its creativity and severs our connection with God. Liquor steals our ambition which, many could argue, is our chief reason for existence.

Invariably, foreseeable future reports will most likely aid conclusions that opiates this kind of as heroin and codeine enhance longevity by inducing a comatose point out. But couple of would declare that periodic heroin use is useful in strengthening one’s daily life. Let’s not be seduced into accepting isolated investigate conclusions as virtuous advancements. Embracing a morally audio lifestyle shows the most assure in extending and strengthening the high-quality of everyday living. Maximizing endogenous mind endorphin output by schedule exercise and meditation, facilitates a quality way of life. Normally, man wants a longer lifestyle span. Also, an affiliated improve in life span will come about as person adopts the next life-style and behavior modifications: swifter travel modalities (enhanced D) minimize in obesity(lessened E) get far more sleep (decreased E) prayer (lessen E)common like (lessen E) use of negligible amounts of wine (lessen E) reside in buildings composed of denser constructing elements (boost M) these kinds of as granite substantial rises.

I would like to incorporate a caveat even though on the topic of Electricity (E). Contrary to present preferred belief and apart from acute damage, a decreased bone density contributes to a lengthier everyday living span. Large bone masses involve amplified metabolic premiums to maintain. Similarly, an enhanced Basal Metabolic Charge shortens daily life span. As Person evolves, he sacrifices the development of superior bone density for remarkable brain improvement. Asian ethnic groups, recognized to have the cheapest bone density, furthermore have the longest daily life span. Therefore, reduced bone density promotes more time existence. This could eventually motivate the use of medicinal brokers specific to enhance osteoclast action (cells that reabsorb bone tissue) in buy to enhance life span. In addition, this could discourage the use of intense medicinal therapies utilised to develop bone in get to reduce osteoporosis.

The human physique, supplied its good tuning due to an extensive evolutionary process, capitalizes on the power (E) part of the Time Longevity equation. The entire body makes use of fever as a weapon to fight bacterial and viral offenders. By raising the body’s main temperature when confronted with a crisis, effectively escalating Vitality (E), the body’s immune technique selectively shortens the everyday living cycle of the offending bacterial or viral agent. That’s why, fever can aid the body in its energy to ruin infecting organisms. However, the physique need to precipitously fall the temperature at the time the offending menace has been thwarted in purchase to circumvent its very own demise. Fever, despite the fact that an efficient defensive instrument, can also prove exceptionally harmful if remaining unchecked. Critical systemic bacterial infections could maximize the basal metabolic level (E) over and above limitations appropriate with life.

We will have to also prevent the temptation to apply detrimental habits designs in an effort to extend lifetime span. This is specifically legitimate if recently tailored procedures jeopardize the good quality of everyday living or blunt the creativeness of the human intellect. Our minds are our cherished applications that serve as the link to join us to our greater electric power. Our minds resonate with one yet another making it possible for us to share our creativeness and inspiration which may then acquire into a materials equal. No substance, compound, or medicinal agent really should at any time compromise this better cerebral purpose. Our minds empower our capacity to hook up to a single a further, our setting, and with God. We stay to endorse our imagined capacity for now and further than. Our bodies basically serve as our mind’s short-term housing. Alcoholic beverages extra can evoke the brain’s ability for habit, a biological disorder. In all fairness, two glasses of crimson wine eaten on a weekly foundation may possibly have some constructive overall health advantages. Pink wine with its antioxidant houses coupled with relaxants, might permit us to cope with life’s rigors. But stronger kinds of liquor these types of as whiskey, bourbon, rum, and vodka often tax the ability of our liver’s cleansing abilities and hence lead to systemic ailment.

Time journey is also implicit to this dialogue. As we photograph a tennis player strike a ball without the support of a freeze frame lens, we see that movement is composed of a sequence of impartial movements divided by length and time. Also, photographing our photo voltaic procedure offers us the same impact. Shots of seemingly unbiased planets surface divided only by distance. But, even so, this is efficiently 1 of the same. Our solar technique is the evolution of one particular earth only– Earth. Mars is earth’s long term and Venus is earth’s past. The volcanoes on Mar’s floor are merely eroded Good Pyramids of Egypt. The eerie encounter peering at us from Mar’s surface is our personal Terrific Sphinx searching toward the heavens. Even so, the dimension of time is very well into our upcoming. Time journey is before our eyes. What seems as a seemingly array of impartial objects divided by various distances is simply one of the exact same. Provided the temperature variation of Mars, world warming then gets to be a moot issue.

Let’s convert our sights to 1 of our most hard difficulties, cancer. Is there a remedy in sight? We race to locate a remedy but we should power ourselves to search outside of the slender scope of our lens. Growing distance (D) and mass (M) though lowering electricity (E) will not only raise life span but also might keep the definitive crucial to cancer’s treatment. If we focus on electricity (E), from a metabolic standpoint, we make reference to Basal Metabolic Price. Whatsoever variable decreases basal metabolic fee likewise decreases the incidence of most cancers. Recent health-related requirements will have to be revised. At ideal, our attempts to protect bone mass by medicinal usually means is in reality an absolute route to advertising the formation of most cancers. Boosting bone density increases metabolic charges. An raise in Basal Metabolic fee will increase vitality (E) which in change shortens longevity (T). Therefore, rising bone density increases cancer. An boost in metabolic price is an maximize in electricity (E) which brings about a lessen in time longevity (T). Medicinal brokers that increase bone density in publish menopausal several years straight shorten everyday living span. God’s naturally developing hormonal transition has been appropriate all alongside. The output of progesterone in women’s twilight years with the corresponding decrease in bone mass potentiates the period of lifetime. Cancer is simply the byproduct of stimulating basal metabolic premiums to an intense thus generating a mobile replicating, self perpetuating vortex. We simply cannot get rid of this vortex by implementing a lot more energy this kind of as radiation. In point, we ought to do the incredibly opposite. For this reason, the assure for an absolute cure for cancer lies in the basal metabolic reductive potential of cryogenics and frigid cold baths.

The adhering to things under decrease energy (E) or Basal Metabolic Level and as a result aid Reduce Cancer and maximize Everyday living Span:
– Reduce in Basal Metabolic Amount
– Lower in Bone Density
– Osteoblast inhibitor
– Antibiotics
– Rest
– Hibernation
– Estrogen Blocker (Tamoxifen)
– Osteoclast activator
– Meditation
– Coma
– Prayer
– Training
– Sexual intercourse
– Really like
– Classical and Jazz Tunes
– Rest
– Laughter
– Caloric Reduction
– Fasting
– Progesterone
– Depo Provera
– Abnormal Chilly
– Reasonable Wine
– Lupron
– Decreased Overall body Mass Index

The objects mentioned under raise Mass (M) and thus aid Stop Cancer and raise Life Span:
– Residing in the Wonderful Pyramid of Egypt
– Residing in Stone Residence
– Residing in a Cave
– Burrowing and residing underground

The goods detailed below boost Distance (D) and as a result enable Reduce Most cancers and boost Lifetime Span:
– Place travel
– Traveling
– Migration
– Forward Motion
– Swimming

The things mentioned down below boost electrical power (E) or Basal Metabolic Rate and thus Cause Most cancers and lessen Life Span:
– Maximize in Basal Metabolic Rate
– Boost in Bone Density
– Osteoclast Inhibitor
– Cigarettes
– An infection
– Fever
– Carcinogenic exposure
– Excessive Warmth
– Genetic Predisposition
– Bacterial exposure
– Viral publicity
– Obesity
– Osteoblast Activator
– Sleep Deprivation
– Hate
– Anger
– Anxiety
– Fosomax
– Androgenic Steroids
– Unopposed Estrogen
– Cocaine
– Abnormal Sunlight
– Mifepristone (RU486)

The goods listed underneath minimize Mass (M) and therefore Trigger Most cancers and decrease Everyday living Span:
– Residing in a trailer
– Residing in a tent

The items outlined below minimize Distance (D) and consequently Cause Cancer and lower Lifetime Span:
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Stasis or staying still

*Some goods detailed over are at present theoretical and call for case-manage study to be regarded as scientific reality

Optimizing the physical guidelines of nature will support us as we make progress in increasing longevity and eradicating cancer as a well being menace. We ought to cautiously notice and review numerous of nature’s apparent examples of perfection and harmony. These illustrations in nature all have intent and intent and have necessary exponential many years of evolutionary demo and error. As guy universally harmonizes in the spirit of like, all things will ultimately be reached.